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Cheap DNA Mixing, Promising Alzheimer’s Drug, Language Barrier in Science – Hypertextual, 25.07.2023
Smart Lemurs, Greener Oceans, Designer Proteins – Hypertextual, 19.07.2023
Ancient Penguins, Mars Helicopter, Nobel Prize – Hypertextual, 10.07.2023
Tasmanian Devil, Earliest Galaxies, Ancient Human Diet – Hypertextual, 06.07.2023
Tundra Herbivores, Marine Protection, Synthetic Embryos – Hypertextual, 26.06.2023
Healthier Mice, Quantum Milestone, Anglo-Saxon Face – Hypertextual, 21.06.2023
New York, Fish Parasite, Bird Calls – Hypertextual, 13.06.2023
Primates, Asteroid, Nuclear Fusion – Hypertextual, 06.06.2023
Gravitational Waves, Trees, Higgs Boson – Hypertextual, 29.05.2023
Enceladus, Titanic, Oldest Fire in Europe – Hypertextual, 22.05.2023
Sharks, Saturn, Ancient Footprints – Hypertextual, 16.05.2023
Ocean Census, Ancient DNA, Female Astronauts – Hypertextual, 08.05.2023
Schrödinger’s Cat, Water on Mars, Al-Amal – Hypertextual, 02.05.2023
Starship, Kelp, Norwegian Burial – Hypertextual, 24.04.2023
Juice Probe, Sight Origins, Black Hole – Hypertextual, 18.04.2023
– “Overtake foreign scientists without catching up with them”. Who opposes the fight against pseudoscience in Russia – Siberian Hypertext, 15.03.2023
CRISPR therapy and vaccine cocktails: what I’m looking forward to in 2023 — Hypertextual, 16.02.2023
2022 in science. Nuclear fusion, AI in medicine, space selfie – Hypertextual, 10.01.2022
How to cook a 70,000-year-old Neanderthal flatbread — Hypertextual, 16.12.2022
AI Translation with the Human Touch — Neurodub, 13.12.2022
Senior Russian scientist accuses the UK of sabotaging the Nord Stream — Siberian Hypertext, 17.11.2022
Barcelona students to take mandatory course on climate crisis – Hypertextual, 16.11.2022
What is happening with Russian science – Siberian Hypertext, 11.11.2022
Amplify Reach with Automated Dubbing: Introducing Neurodub — Neurodub, 03.11.2022
Queen’s death led to a spike in marmalade sales in the UK – Hypertextual, 12.10.2022
How the Russian Academy of Sciences became a Kremlin department – Siberian Hypertext, 21.09.2022
Yandex Research at BigScience – Yandex Research, 12.09.2022
Mikhail Gorbachev was the first and last true republican in Russia – Siberian Hypertext, 30.08.2022
Novosibirsk was once the scientific capital of Russia. It has become a place where scientists are persecuted – Siberian Hypertext, 08.08.2022
What deep generative models can do with images – Yandex Research, 06.07.2022
Siberian theater director lost two jobs because of his antiwar stance – Siberian Hypertext, 29.03.2022
Scientific isolation of Russia could last for years to come – Siberian Hypertext, 26.03.2022
How to validate validation measures – Yandex Research, 08.12.2021
A few attention heads for reasoning in multiple languages – Yandex Research, 30.09.2021
– “A bomb ahead of elections”: Russian scientists decide to classify pollution data –, 02.04.2021
Political virus. How the Covid-19 pandemic raises approval ratings of world leaders –, 26.03.2020
Warmer waters mess with the Northeast’s right to fish – Salon, 26.06.2019
Climate Change Isn’t Only Changing the Course of History, It’s Making History Itself Harder to Study – Mother Jones, 22.06.2019
Warmer waters mess with the Northeast’s cod-given right to fish – Grist, 21.06.2019
Climate change could ruin archeological sites before we get the chance to study them – Grist, 19.06.2019
Forget Colonizing Mars. We Can All Move To Russia When The World Heats Up – HuffPost, 14.06.2019
Forget colonizing Mars. We can all move to Russia when the world heats up – Grist, 13.06.2019
Snails with penises will help to assess the Arctic pollution –, 22.05.2019
How one gene mutation helped indigenous peoples of Siberia to adapt to harsh conditions –, 06.03.2019
How Russian scientists develop new ways to fight agricultural pests –, 23.12.2018
How technology will change agriculture –, 06.12.2018
Five Top Scientific Discoveries of 2016 – Bird in Flight, 04.01.2017
9 Top Scientific Discoveries of the Year – Bird in Flight, 30.12.2015
Why Soviet Union didn’t make it to Mars – Metkere, 11.03.2015

Social media publications on AI and ML:

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